Greetings, I'm Todd. I'm a designer, amateur photographer, business founder and director of design teams. By day I'm the the Senior Director of Design at MailChimp where I lead a brilliant team of brand, marketing, and product designers.

Prior to joining MailChimp I created two software products (SlideShowPro, Koken) which were used by hundreds of thousands to publish slideshows and portfolio web sites. Before embarking out on my own,  I was the Creative Director (and founding member) of Super Deluxe, a sister digital network to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Before the internet came along I was a print designer employed in the performing arts, a freelance music writer, and a weekend DJ on public radio.

When I'm not working, I enjoy the serendipity of traveling to unfamiliar places and capturing the architecture, spaces, and people who inhabit them. My discoveries from past journeys comprise the majority of images you see here. Photography isn't something I was trained to do, yet I continue to push myself to build a repertoire of work that somehow captures the way I see the world.

recent talks

The Brand Experience of MailChimp - Design Matters, Copenhagen, Denmark