Greetings, I’m Todd

Greetings, I'm Todd

I'm a designer, creative director, photographer, husband and father with two kids living in midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

About this site

This site was created to collect photography from trips I've taken over the years for work, solo adventures, and vacations with my family. Photography is not something I studied formally, but it has been a passion and creative pursuit for most of my adult life.

This site also helps me think more critically about what I choose to capture and why. To help me view my photography from an objective editorial perspective, learn what works and what doesn't, and use those insights to help improve my output the next time around.

From a subject matter perspective, I'm particularly drawn to architecture, public spaces, street life, and landscapes. One of my favorite things is traveling to unfamiliar environments and wandering, exploring, and searching for inspiration.

Perhaps you will find some inspiration of your own in the collection of photos and stories I've shared here.

About me

In my professional career, I was most recently Senior Director of Design at MailChimp. During my three-and-a-half years at the company, I grew their in-house design discipline from a handful of individual contributors to a Design department of forty people. I was also the creative lead for pretty much everything which touched the MailChimp brand across product and marketing. I left the company in early 2018 to take a break from my career and dedicate more time to family, travel, and creative pursuits.

Prior to joining MailChimp, I co-founded and created Koken, a content management system for publishing portfolio websites. The product was free and earned its keep through paid themes, plugins and add-on services. Koken was a joy and a privilege to create, for it rolled together all the things I loved most -- product design, software development, photography, and web design. Koken found a strong niche, and despite being free, was somehow able to grow into a successful business. Koken was acquired by NetObjects in 2015.

Before Koken I created another photography software product - SlideShowPro. For a time in the late 2000s, SlideShowPro was pretty much the standard photo and video slideshow player on the web. Seemed like everyone was using it, from photographers to newspapers to presidential candidates. Development on SlideShowPro ended with the rise of mobile and more advanced web technologies, but during its time in the sun, SlideShowPro was a popular product used by countless designers to create rich, wildly creative experiences for the web.

Going back even further, ten years ago I was a co-founder and creative director of Super Deluxe. Hatched by me and a small team within Turner, Super Deluxe was one of the first original content networks on the web. We pushed the boundaries of taste and decency with a daily editorial schedule of mind bending animations, comedic short films, and content which defied categorization. Super Deluxe is still alive today, and is (thankfully) just as weird and demented as ever.

In my years before digital and tech, I lived in Charleston, South Carolina where I moonlighted as a public radio DJ hosting "The Kitchen Sink" and other music programs on SC Public Radio, wrote music reviews and features for newspapers and magazines, worked at Spoleto Festival, designed for print through agencies and freelance clients, and most importantly, met my future wife.

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